YOROI Wallet Recovery: Wrong Check-sum, ADA gone

Hi y’all,

My staking pool does not meet its pledge anymore and I wanted to shift my ADA elsewhere.

Not remembering my spending password, I followed EMURGO’s instructions on how to recover a wallet (and set a new spending password). Why did I do that? Because it has worked for me a couple of months ago.

Now, entering my 15 words (they are all on the long list of words posted by a kind community member before) is giving me a wrong “shelley account checksum”.

The resulting ADA balance is 0, not what it should be.

This is highly irregular, my recovery worked a couple of months ago. I have 1 paper with 15 words on it, and never had any other papers. It WORKED BEFORE.

What I also have is the old check-sum and pictagram (photographic evidence from last time I restored), as well as my shelley wallet address… a very long number but with a couple of dots in between.

I would also have my wallet address stored in the App in which I usually trade ADA, and then send them to my YOROI wallet.

Kindly advise… Thanks and best,


… also - I did not manually write down a different “order” of words or anything alike. The same 15 words on the same post-it worked a couple of months ago.

Strange. If the checksum of the seed phrase doesn’t check out, it doesn’t say something about “Shelley account checksum” for me, just “Invalid recovery phrase“. And there is also no possibility to continue to see an account balance of 0.
(Or are you using mobile?)

Can you somehow try to describe or show more precisely, where you give the seed phrase (without showing us the seed phrase itself, of course!!!) and how you get past that to see a balance of 0.

Can you check your wallet address on cardanoscan.io if everything is still there?
A wallet address is a string starting with addr1 with letters and numbers, but without dots, by the way.

Thanks, HeptaSean for responding. My 15 word phrase checks out as valid. All green. I then proceed and write the new spending password (twice). It checks out and only **then appears a second window ** where I am asked to verify the checksum and the pictogram. Both do not match, weirdly. In that preview, it also tells me that the account balance of the respective account is 0 (zero).

I also checked my wallet address on cardanoscan.io

“Controlled Total Stake” exactly matches the last balance I had this morning before (attempting to) recover my wallet.

How on earth is this possible?

This really sounds like you got a correct seed phrase for a wrong wallet, there. And the seed phrase for your wallet is somewhere else.

Other remote possibility: On the way to recovering the wallet, you did choose “Restore wallet” – “Cardano” – “15-word” – “Standard wallet”, didn’t you? Choosing something else along the way – “Ergo” or “Byron” – would, of course, lead to another, empty wallet.

You could try the seed phrase on adalite.io (a web-based wallet app good for one-time tests) or any other wallet app to test if it opens the wrong or the right wallet there.

Very bizarre. I did one single wallet on YOROI and I’ve been using that since.

Is there a way to recover with wallet address and I having proof for all transactions?

The only wallet-to-wallet transaction I’ve ever done was from my Daedulus wallet to Yoroi. I still have the Daedulus seed phrase, but suspect that this does nothing here…?

It’s a cryptocurrency. There is no authority you could “prove” something to. You need the keys or you won’t get access to the wallet.

Seed phrases are not specific to wallet apps. You can restore wallets initially created in Daedalus in Yoroi, Eternl, Typhon, Adalite, … You can restore wallets initially created in Yoroi in Daedalus, Eternl, Typhon, Adalite, …

Please try that Daedalus seed phrase!

@HeptaSean Thank you so much for helping me out. The daedulus 24 word seed phrase did its magic and all my beautiful ADA are back.

You brought a lot of relief haha. Sending you my gratitude and respect - Hono

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Glad that worked out!