Catalyst Weekly #87 - Town Hall #138 - 7 days left to register to vote & more updates

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Did you know that there are now only 7 days remaining to (re)register to vote? This is it - by this day next week - the Voting Snapshot is over. Be sure to complete your registrations no later than mid day UTC on August 18 - snapshot time is then set for around 9PM UTC. Make sure you check out more information about how to check your current status in the later part of this newsletter - there’s a new tool now you can try out that will give you peace of mind and avoid any last moment surprises.

Done your own registration already? Share the call to action with the rest of your circles and communities to encourage them to participate in this voting round.

What’s the TLDR from the recent town hall? The Grow East Asia, Grow Cardano challenge team presented highlights about the proposals in the challenge and their progress over time. Also the Community Governance Oversight group shared their observations and highlights around the great work they’ve been following.

What’s the latest? Let’s dive right in.


Town Hall #138

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 09.27.08

:bulb: Next: TH #139 on Aug 16 at 5PM UTC. Register now via this recurring link.

Catalyst Testnet Updates

During this week’s town hall, Steven Johnson and Mike McNulty presented the Catalyst testnet. The Catalyst testnet is now accessible to the public and will initiate a phase of public testing. The objective of this stage is to gather feedback from early testers and gradually enhance the testnet over time. You can revisit the segment from the main town hall here. If you haven’t yet you can also catch the Catalyst Testnet blog post from last week here, or visit direct documentation on Catalyst GitBook here.

Want to dive really deep? Team also held an after town hall break out room - and raw recording you can access here that will also be soon available on Catalyst Swarm YouTube Channel as well.

IdeaFests around the World

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 10.29.39

Amazing community events are taking place highlighting and communicating proposals from all corners of the world and across almost all continents. An amazing testament to grassroots community efforts across the board. Catch the above tweet and relevant links here.

Team talks Catalyst

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 09.29.07

This week, the Project Catalyst team took another opportunity to review changes to Fund10 and bring a broader audience up to speed talking with Paul from Cardano with Paul channel on this episode.

What did we talk about? What is Project Catalyst, what’s new in Fund10, what’s ahead, role in Voltaire era, voting transparency, feature release process and more. Check out other videos that Paul publishes regularly on his channel here.

Moderation stage of Community Review underway

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 13.42.08

The first part of the Community Review concluded on Aug 3. Now, the moderation stage of F10 Community Review is underway. Emails with log-in details have been distributed to all eligible moderators.

:construction: The moderator work is set to take place between Aug 10 (today) - Aug 17 (11AM UTC). Once this is completed - the data will be then shared shortly after it is processed and compiled.

Catalyst dived in depth about the moderation stage during this week’s town hall - but we also recommend reviewing complete information via GitBook pages here to learn more about what’s going on at the moment.

Voter Registration - New Tool To Check Your Status


Voter registration is underway. As always, feel free to bookmark the Catalyst Knowledge base via to keep an eye on the latest. The voter registration section is linked here. The snapshot is expected to take place on August 18th at 9PM UTC. Monitor when your wallet is ready for registration and under what terms via this page. If you have cast a vote in the past - you also need to re-register in order to be eligible for voter rewards due to change in metadata standard in registrations on chain.

NEW: Unsure whether you’ve done everything correctly? You can now leverage the new MVP verification tool that you can find here:

:warning: Keep in mind that you should only leverage this website and none other.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 09.54.41

What happens after the registration period is over? Voting Period rolls in by the end of the month if everything goes according to plan. There will be a two week voting period in the first two weeks of September and results in the later half of the month. Full tentative timeline below.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 17.28.02

Weekly GitHub Repo Round Up

Here’s the update from technical side of Catalyst last week:

  • Conducted another QA dry run for the voting app
  • Executed updates connected to challenge setting removal, elimination of scores from the proposal list view, enforcement of proposal title length limits, and the inclusion of an open-source flag to proposal details
  • Engaged in discussions on accessing unmoderated review data for the upcoming dry run
  • Arrived at a consensus on a novel approach to sharing pertinent experience details within the app
  • Completed the whitelabel mockup for Voltaire and agreed upon a revised timeline
  • Identified and initiated efforts to address issues in the Catalyst toolbox to enable proper handling of rewards addresses in the new registration format
  • Progressed with the integration of snapshot data into the continuous deployment framework
  • Successfully addressed the requirements related to IdeaScale stageID; identified and initiated supplementary tasks to finalize the testnet, encompassing integrations with EventDB
  • Engaged in resolving bugs in the new IdeaScale importer
  • Continued testing for the new community reviews calculator and incorporated new fields in vit-ss
  • Performed ongoing manual testing of the moderation module
  • Concluded development and documentation of new auditing tools
  • Successfully completed the testnet eventdb
  • Testnet’s governance voting center (GVC) is operational and accessible to the public
  • Ensured that snapshots and the verification tool are functioning within the testnet
  • Continued to augment monitoring and logging on a daily basis.

For full access please review:

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