Catalyst Weekly #96 - Moderation over, Voting to start next week!

Hello there, beautiful soul!

I trust everyone is now settled and comfortable with 2024 now well underway!

Catalyst just concluded the Community Review moderation period and wow, what an effort. More than 250 participants completed 70,000+ individual moderations. What’s next? Check out the details in the newsletter below for more. This also means we are getting very close to the start of voting next week, Jan. 25th.

As always, Town Halls are now back on track and the community has met already for 152nd time.

What’s the TLDR from the recent town hall? This week we saw a presentation from ADAbet that completed their scope of proposal. See their video reel here. We also heard about an open source data stakepool analytics tool that’s now available for anyone to build upon and leverage. See more insights here.

The team also touched upon the concept of Catalyst Working Groups, held an after town hall and also published a new blog on this topic. More info below if you’d like to potentially participate in the next steps.

What’s the latest? Let’s dive right in.


Town Hall #152

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 10.47.55

:bulb: Next: TH #153 on Jan. 24th at 5 p.m. UTC. Register now via this recurring link.

Voter registration over, voting next

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 10.51.07

Also, voter registration is now over and the snapshot took place on Jan. 15th at 21:45 p.m. UTC. Moderation is coming to a close soon. What’s next?

Remember, voting is expected to start one week from now - on January 25th, noon UTC and will remain open for two weeks until February 8th, 11 a.m. UTC. We’re looking forward to your active participation in the upcoming Fund11 vote. You can also refer to the Catalyst Knowledge Base GitBook pages here to learn more about voting.

Action item for now? Make sure to download the latest version of Voting App from your App and Play stores to get ready.

F11 Voters Timeline

Catalyst Working Groups


Catalyst Working Groups are the Catalyst Team’s proposal to the Cardano community to create the first iteration of community-led, data-driven analysis that informs of potentially important changes to the scope of future Catalyst funding rounds. To bring this together, it’s equally important that the Catalyst Team collaborates with the worldwide community, which should host their discussions and events.

The Catalyst Team recognizes that there is value in setting the scope of future funding rounds concerning recommendations and insights from community members drawn from a wide range of regions, experiences, and data. In the legacy world, grantmakers and investment firms often follow a charter, investment thesis, or an industrial strategy to guide their allocations that foster innovation. Catalyst doesn’t have an investment roadmap of this nature, and so it is up to us to work together to produce something that can serve the needs and is truly co-created by – and for – the Cardano community.

The deadline to apply to host a Catalyst Working Group is February 4th.

If you are interested in hosting a Catalyst Working Group, continue reading the full blog post here for info on how to apply.

Fund11 Timeline

Note: Given the dynamic nature of Project Catalyst, the following dates may change as the fund progresses. If this is the case, we will notify the community via our announcement channels on Discord and Telegram.

Jan. 25th, 2024 noon UTC

Fund11 voting begins, ending on Feb 8th, 11:00 UTC

Around Feb. 15th, 2024

Fund11 selected proposals announced

March 2024

Onboarding of Fund11 funded proposals

LATAM IdeaFest

Want to get your pitch skills fine tuned? To get word out about your ideas and proposals? One of the great avenues is to leverage various IdeaFests (Eastern IdeaFest) that take place around the world. This is the LATAM version and you can catch the presentation about how and where to sign up via this timestamped video reel.

Registration is open until Jan. 22nd, 3 p.m. UTC.

Open Source GitHub Repo Round-Up

I encourage you to follow along with milestone developments via the following links to get the latest on Catalyst Roadmap Proposals:

For full access to GitHub branches please review:

Get in touch

And that’s a wrap. Let’s talk Catalyst & governance via X(Twitter), Telegram, Reddit, or wherever your home is online and keep conversations engaging on these very important topics.

Enjoy your day ahead!

Danny & the Project Catalyst team

Daniel Ribar
Community at Project Catalyst

NOTE: References in this newsletter to the 3rd party projects, products, and services are provided for information purposes only and are not endorsements. Everyone should carry out their own investigations before relying on the information provided in this newsletter.