Ex-Ambassador Elliot Hill becomes CF’s first recruit in Wales

Hello, Cardano community,

My name is Elliot, and I am excited to join the Cardano Foundation as a Copywriter in the PR and Communications team! I am from the United Kingdom, and I live in North Wales on the Island of Anglesey, near the Snowdonia National Park—a place known for its striking natural beauty and fiercely wet weather.

I joined the Foundation in July 2020, and I will be writing both internal and external communications designed to raise the profile of the Cardano Foundation and the Cardano protocol throughout the blockchain community and beyond.

Some of you may already know me as a former Cardano Ambassador, a position I was nominated for by fellow ambassador Georg Wellschmied. I have been following Cardano’s progress since 2017, however, I was frustrated that I could not commit as much time to the Ambassador role as I would have liked due to other work commitments. Naturally, when a position became available within the Foundation where I could formally contribute to the success of Cardano by using my specific set of skills, it was a perfect opportunity and I was delighted to be considered for the role.

I have had the pleasure of working with multiple companies and startups within the blockchain and fintech industry, and I bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to my work at the Foundation. I have worked with digital asset banks, contributed to in-print business magazines, and authored thought-provoking articles in the blockchain space.

In my personal life, I am passionate about investing, I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures, and I take careful consideration for the environment. I am a keen gardener and outdoors enthusiast, and I currently live in a small but cozy cabin I built four years ago.

Prior to moving into the growing blockchain industry, I studied environmental sciences—specifically biogeochemistry—at postgraduate level. During this time, I was lucky enough to publish original peer-reviewed research, which gives me a profound respect for Cardano’s approach to formal methods and blockchain research.

I am very much looking forward to contributing to the success of the Cardano ecosystem, and it has so far been a pleasure to meet the Cardano Foundation team, all of whom have made me feel very welcome!

I look forward to getting to know our community better in the coming months.



Awesome news ! a fellow N Wales Cardano fan :slight_smile: Congratulations on your appointment Elliot, maybe see you around when i’m up and down the A55 !

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Bore da MachTwo,

Pleased to meet you! Whereabouts in North Wales are you?

Bore da Elliot

always feel a bit of a fraud when i do ‘a bit of Welsh’ (only because, i don’t speak the lingo apart from the odd word)

My wife is from Llangefni (speaks Welsh), we’re based in Mold, we feel very privileged to live in this part of the world.

What does your role entail, happy to help if i can

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Hello Elliot,

Funny, I miss read the title and though you were CF’s first recruit among ADA whales.
But maybe you are also a whale in Wales :smiley:


Another fantastic addition to the CF team! Congratulations mate!!


How strange, I live just a few minutes from Llangefni, it’s our local shopping town. My partner is also the Welsh speaker, I’m originally from the West Midlands!

I’ll be working with the CF on content marketing :slight_smile: Great to meet you!


Congratulations, Elliot. :smile: Have fun doing what you enjoy, and with such great people.

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“I currently live in a small …cabin… I built four years ago” (says it all, self-build = own hard work)

I’m a fan of drinkin’ the welsh gold… Penderyn… and English Whiskey…
the more flavours out there, the better the ‘generic’ solution…

You can print money, but can’t print the hard-work used to earn it !
Low-Real - 'cos the government says you are not worth it…


There’s an English whisk(e)y? :open_mouth:

It has certainly been hard work! I have a bottle of Penderyn Gold in my possession right now, great whisky.

Nice to meet you and thanks for the warm welcome!

Norfolk has a lot of grain, like speyside. However, prefer Scottish water, filtered through rock. See Highland Spring, Blackford, Perth. You can also buy Tesco’s from same site, just a different borehole! I wrote software for any number of pipes down the hill, commissioned the project over easter weekend, and some electrical numpty scrapped the wrong (new) equipment rack, leaving the old. (Livid).


Holyhead Ferry to Drublin a lot, so Angleseer’…

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England’s oldest whisky distillery. Founded by the Nelstrop family in 2006…


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A Calgary company just won the whiskey comp :smiley:


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