Replaying ledger from on-disk blockchain 0%

Replaying ledger from on-disk blockchain 0%

Please, help

hello mate you are on the same boat as me,thing is low on ram i have 8 like you,
my solution is i let my sync never go less then 99.95% so sync every day…if i get this screen i reload the wallet then its connects the wallet then after 15min same screen back then same reload button i do this like 10/15 times​:sweat_smile::wink::upside_down_face:
on the end i am on 100% sync…sometime i restart node few time then it go’s in one shot to 100% thing is now days the mainnet daedalus wallet is sooo huge in size…head pain for low rammers i know many say use light wallet etrnl/typhon,yoroi etc but i love my daedalus😍
some day if i have cash on hand i put 32/64 ram and rock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

Thank you friend. Are you sure it’s the amount of memory? I will try to reset the wallet, but this is a bad decision.

yez mate,system requairments are set @ 16gb for a smooth wallet now you and me &others are on the low side so trouble trouble…yez it will be nice if iohk make a change in daedalus ad a function that you click a button and boom its a light wallet dont need to go anywhere keep on using the old mighty mainnet daedalus🤟

Yes, indeed, the requirements indicate 16. But how much memory does your wallet use in fact?

I don’t have more than 4, look

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hmmm i see compare it with me

its going up now


but on the end i have my wallet running
yez it takes time indeed couple of hrs but i let it go dont touch it/few times reload or restarting node helps me out sometimes i get in my wallet🥳

daedalus is a full-node wallet. it downloads the whole blockchain and verifies it each time you initiate a new session. this requires a lot of ram. nami and lace wallets are better suited for you both, plus they integrate with dapps which daedalus cant do. if you really wanna have your own node, you better use a more performant computer. you can also use an api to connect nami with a node of yours.

Yes, I really do not have enough memory

Friend, how long does it take you to launch a wallet?

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most of the time 2/3 hours…but when i didnt sync it 2days it takes much much more like 8 hours thats why i try to sync everyday to keep my sync up high as possible not less then 99.95%:smiley: