Cardano Monthly Product Management Update for April - 30/04/2020

Cardano Monthly Product Management Update for April - 30/04/2020

Join us next Thursday 30th April for the next edition of our new LIVE update shows. We’ll share what’s happening in the Cardano world, including the latest on the Haskell Shelley testnet, Adrestia, the R9B code audit & much more.

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Recap: IOHK’s Cardano Monthly Product Management Update for April - 30/04/2020

We hope you tuned in and enjoyed our latest LIVE monthly show (recorded 30th April 2020), where we bring you all the latest Cardano development news. Join hosts Tim Harrison & Aparna Jue, and members of the IOHK Cardano team, to hear their updates from the project.

Updates/guests include:

  • IOHK CTO, Romain Pellerin introduces himself and talks about his first months on the job and how he’s been recalibrating the way we deliver our software

  • There’s an update from Darko on the first month of the Daedalus Flight program and the recent launch of Daedalus 1.0.0

  • Charles Morgan, IOHK director of cybersecurity gives a rundown of the recent report from R9B and why independent audits are important to us, our future users and the wider blockchain industry

  • Nick Nayfack has an Adrestia update and a quick demo, as well as giving us a quick tour of our GitHub repos

  • Kevin Hammond shares the latest info on the rollout of the Shelley Haskell testnet, as we approach the early ‘Friends & Families’ phase in May. 0:35

Aparna Jue, Product Director for Cardano:

1:10 What has been happening?

4:07 (TIM HARRISON) Can you tell us more about the work that is being done with the brand refresh?

5:55 I want to share a quote from one of our users regarding Flight.

7:07 Setting up people to be successful is a part of our DNA at this point.

8:15 Romain Pellerin, CTO

8:40 Introduction of Romain Pellerin.

10:30 What are your first impressions of coming into the Cardano project?

11:20 What is the technical focus at the moment?

12:37 What are the processes that you are putting into place now to improve delivery?

14:34 Charles Morgan, Director of Cybersecurity.

14:52 Why do we need to bring outside security auditors on?

16:00 How do the external and internal security auditing teams work together?

18:27 What is the difference between static and dynamic testing?

19:52 What is happening with the next audit for Shelley?

20:29 Will we share the results of the next audit?

22:00 Darko Mijic Product Manager for Daedalus

22:24 Can you tell us about the new Daedalus release?

23:21 It was a successful release and the numbers confirm this.

24:48 How does Daedalus Flight play into the strategy of Daedalus as a product?

26:49 How do you plan on bringing the community into Daedalus long term?

27:55 Can you tease anything new from the Daedalus roadmap?

29:05 Kevin Hammond, Formal Methods\Haskell Engineer

29:40 Can you summarize the content of the Shelley Haskell Testnet blog you recently put out?

31:09 When will the first phase of the Haskell Shelley Testnet begin?

31:54 What is happening on May 11th?

33:01 We’ll be working with feedback from the initial launch which is similar to the Flight program and the ITN.

33:31 The Road to Shelley presentation.

36:29 Main Cardano Components.

36:56 Cardano testnets and mainnet.

38:25 Shelley Haskell testnet phases post pioneer.

39:40 What are some of the things that we’ve learned from the ITN that we’re bringing into the Haskell Shelley testnets and beyond?

40:55 After Shelley will stake pools continue to be registered by the Cardano Foundation?

42:30 Will stake pools that have built their identity on the ITN be able to maintain it going forward?

42:50 What can you tell us about the k-parameter and the pledge?

44:20 What is pledging?

46:05 Can you tell us what you are looking for in terms of stake pool operators to test out the initial phases of the Haskell Shelley testnet?

48:36 Nick Nayfack, Product Manager for Adrestia

48:40 Is Adrestia live now?

48:55 What is Adrestia?

49:40 Can you tell us more about how you plan on using these tools?

50:42 Presentation on Adrestia.

52:10 We have the Adrestia user guide.

54:16 Do you have any additional support channels?

55:40 What is the estimated delta between Shelley and Goguen?

57:30 Can you talk about the progress of education?

58:20 What will be happening with the IOHK Summit?

59:40 How do you plan to market Cardano to the masses once Shelley is deployed?

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